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Thai yoga massage is a unique, powerful healing holistic therapy combining elements of ayurvedic massage, Indian yoga postures, physiotherapy, chinese acupressure, reflexology and meditation.

Each treatment is unique in that it is tailor made to meet your individual needs and requirements to relieve pain and tension, improve flexibility and mobility and treat your specific issues.

A traditional Thai yoga massage is performed on a mat on the floor with the patient wearing comfortable clothing.

Using thumbs, hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet, the practitioner uses their bodyweight, instead of strength, with a soothing meditative rhythm to gently rock and twist your body, assist in passive yoga stretches, apply pressure points and encourage the release of muscular tension and restore mobility to your joints and your spine.


Benefits from Thai yoga massage-

  • Releases deep rooted tension from the entire body
  • Opens up the energy pathways, releasing blockages and encouraging a free flow of energy
  • Improves breathing techniques
  • Stretches and opens up the sacroiliac and vertebral joints of the spine improving mobility, reducing compression and encouraging alignment
  • Energises the mind and the body leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed
  • Rehabilitation from injury
  • Gives a deep sense of feeling peaceful and balanced
  • Improves your yoga practice
  • Restores mobility

Conditions which can benefit from Thai yoga Massage


Asthma, injuries, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, sciatica, back pain, muscular tension, headaches, fatigue, alignment and postural issues, sacro-iliac problems, arthritis, paralysis, stress, muscular tension, digestive disorders and general aches and pains.


An initial consultation detailing your health issues and injuries will enable me to provide a treatment unique to your individual needs and enable me to recommend yoga techniques for you to practice in your own time to complement your Thai yoga massage treatments.


Ann-Marie provides Thai yoga massage in Hull and surrounding East Yorkshire villages at £40.00 per treatment.  Please allow 90 minutes for your treatment.

I would like to comment on how Thai Yoga Massage has benefited my quality of life, but may I start by giving some information about myself and how I came to discover this extraordinary therapy. My name is Lee Haldenby, and on July 4th 2010, at the age of 38 I had an accident in a swimming pool which resulted in the breaking of my neck and sustaining a spinal cord injury at C5 level Incomplete. The incomplete part means that I did not sever the cord, but damaged it at Cervical 5 level (just behind the Adam's apple area), which left me paralysed from that area downwards. I am classed as a quadriplegic and have limited function in all four limbs. I was discharged from hospital without any referral for rehabilitation despite having nerve stimulation in all of my limbs. I have made some fantastic progress since the accident, and I do now have some movement in all my limbs, (more on the right side of my body as the cord damage has affected my left side somewhat more considerably) I have to say that since starting Thai Yoga Massage treatments with Ann-Marie on a fortnightly basis in October 2011, and weekly since April 2012, I have experienced instant results in blood circulation, general wellbeing, actual movement, and ability to lift and move my limbs.  My right leg is moving in all directions and my left is slowly improving, I now swim up to 26 lengths of the local swimming pool unaided and I am learning to stand.  Ann-Marie taught me yoga prior to my accident and this is how I came to receive these treatments, she is very professional with her practice and explains what she is going to do and how it affects the body. I do have other therapies such as Reiki Healing, Reflexology and go swimming once or twice a week, but in my experience, and opinion, I can neither deny nor dispute that Thai Yoga Massage can, and has, produced amazing effects for someone in my situation. Therefore, I believe that the potential benefit for others, whatever their situation, is enormous.

Lee Haldenby

If you are interested in Thai yoga massage or have any queries please contact Ann-Marie