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A traditional Hatha yoga class focuses on the practice and observation of postures, (asana), breathing techniques, (pranayama), relaxation and meditation.


Yoga postures improve your balance, flexibility, stamina and strength, release deep rooted muscular tension, restore mobility after injury and surgery, realign your spine and improve your posture, and encourage the elimination of toxins from your body.


Yoga breathing techniques strengthen your respiratory system improving your lung capacity and elasticity, balance your energy flow and calms and pacifies your nervous system.

Relaxation techniques are very beneficial to calm your mind, release muscular tension, reduce feelings of anxiety and stress and encourage a healthy sleep pattern.


Meditation is a wonderful tool to mentally strengthen your mind, we experience over 60,000 thoughts every day, most of them are unnecessary; by practicing meditation you learn to focus and still your mind, learn to think more clearly and be in the present moment, not allowing yourself to be attached to your past nor worrying about your future. Meditation has been proven to be beneficial to prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, to relieve depression and improve our immune system.


Many health professionals including GP's, consultants, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors highly recommend yoga practice for the treatment of injuries and health problems and meditation for anxiety, stress and depression.


Yoga is not a religion and is suitable for everyone, regardless of your age, beliefs, disability, health issues and level of practice. Yoga does not judge you on your ability, shape or size and at Amiyoga we welcome everyone.


Ann-Marie's unique style of yoga practice incorporates her awareness and knowledge of injuries and postural issues using the Alexander technique, Functional anatomy and sports injury therapy.


Variations are provided to suit all individual health problems and levels of practice. Passive, resistive and verbal adjustments are provided to improve alignment and posture and encourage safe practice.


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" I have attended Ann-Marie's Brough Yoga class for almost six years. Ann-Marie's enthusiasm and love of yoga is infectious. Despite having osteoarthritis and a hip resurfacing in 2003 I have been able to do most of the exercises without pain or injury. Ann-Marie always gives support and advice according to ability. As yoga is not competitive I come away from class with a feeling of calm, peacefulness and wellbeing.
I am to have my other hip replaced in the near future and have been assured by my Orthopaedic Surgeon that I will be able to return to yoga again. Both he and my physiotherapist have told me yoga is good for you - there can be no better recommendation!! It really is the best exercise, both for mind and body that I have ever done. Thank you Ann-Marie".”.
S M Samson